About 0x4447™

0x4447 was created out of necessity when I realized that my many years of experience had brought me to a point where I was ready to pass on my knowledge and know-how to others who sought information. With 0x4447, my goal is to create a place where people feel safe enough to make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and improve. This is the same way I did it, but the difference is that I’ll be there to help others when they fail and provide them with a better and more meaningful understanding of their mistakes.

For whatever reason, failure is seen as a weakness and something to be avoided. But in reality, experiencing failure is the only way we humans can learn and become better people.

The urge to test, experiment, and explore our curiosity is a built-in human trait, but the older generations created schools that forcibly removed this innate curiosity and wonder. I always fought back against the grown-ups, and I'm thankful that I kept my natural curiosity intact. Now I want to help bring that curiosity back out in other people.

David Gatti, Owner.

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