We build software with solid foundations to provide flexible solutions that are easily modified and extended.

We Can Manage

Collectively, 0x4447 has logged dozens of years of collective experience. We've worked in different capacities at a range of companies. That work included numerous projects, products, and more. Through it all, we learned how to bring out the best in people and how to organize and manage a project by building a solid foundation that allows for easy expansion, maintenance, and adaptation to the changing times.

We Can Build

Over the years, we've built regular sites, created efficient back-end solutions, designed and implemented custom protocols, and designed systems that work effectively and serve our clients well.

We understand how computers work, and we're familiar with all of their components, so we're able to tell them to do whatever we want them to do. The only thing we can't do is break the laws of physics.

We Can Research

To stay competitive, you have to consistently create new features based on constant research.

When it comes to R&D, you won't find a better company than 0x4447. We're always questioning the world, turning over every rock to see what's underneath, and unceasingly asking why. We're inquisitive by design.

The Next Step

Now that you know a little bit more about what we can do, check out why we do what we do.